Hobbies and COVID – survey results

Readers’ responses to a Leader Facebook poll.

Day 1
“Are you finding it harder or easier to read during COVID?”
With 21 votes, “my reading habits haven’t changed” received the most votes. Next in popularity with 15 votes was “I read more than before.”
Nine people said “I read less.”
A participant added “reading? Quiet time? What’s that? I have kids! Lol!” this received four votes.
“I don’t like reading” received one vote.

Day 2
“Are you and the people you live with playing more or less board or card games during COVID?”
People chose three of the five options. With 11 votes, “we play way more games now than before” had the most votes. Next with eight votes was “we haven’t played a single game during COVID.”
One of the participants added a response “playing dice/card games via telephone with other family members.” This received four votes.
No one chose either “I never play games, but have started,” or “we used to play games all the time, but have stopped during COVID.”

Day 3
“Do you go for more or less walks during COVID?”
“I walk more” was the most popular response with 21 responses.
Next most popular, with 15 responses, was “I go for the same number of walks as before.”
Eight people responded “I walk less,” and two people said “I never go for walks.”

Day 4
“Do you play more or less video (electronic) games during COVID?”
“I never play video games, not even solitaire” had the most responses with 16 people.
With seven answers, the next most popular answer was “there is no change, I play the same amount of video games.”
Five people said, “I play more video games.”
One said, “I play less.”

Day 5
“Are you doing more jigsaw puzzles during COVID?”
The most popular answer, with 13 votes, was “I never do jigsaw puzzles.”
Seven people chose “I seldom do jigsaw puzzles, but have started during COVID.”
“In a normal year, I only do jigsaw puzzles in the winter, and haven’t done one yet during COVID” received five votes.
One person added “I love jigsaw puzzles, and I would be doing them now more than ever, but I have small kids.”

Day 6
“Have you replaced sports watching with something else during COVID?”
Seven people chose, “I don’t like sports and never watch them.”
Three chose, “I’ve taken a break from watching sports and am watching other TV.”
One each chose “I have been watching the reruns and other sports related stuff on TV” and “I’ve take an a break from watching sports and replaced this time with other hobbies or projects.”

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