Holding the fort: Town of Slave Lake coping, meetings being held online

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

These are strange times for doing all sorts of things and one of them is running a municipality in the midst of a pandemic. We called up interim Town of Slave Lake CAO Gordon Lundy last week to find out how it’s going.

“Nobody told me (when he was recruited) there would be a virus pandemic!” Lundy said.

Nobody told him there would be a five-day snowfall in the middle of it either.

The big snow-clearing effort was proceeding, Lundy said, though “not as fast as we’d like.”

Staff at the town is coping under the circumstances. Two or three had been sent home, due to not feeling well. Not that they have the COVID infection, Lundy said; it was more a matter of being cautious.

As for town council meetings, the plan was to conduct this week’s by ‘Zoom,’ meaning people can hook up remotely to watch, listen and speak if need be.
It’s a particularly challenging agenda to be trying something new, because several public hearings are on the schedule. Lundy said the council chambers would be open, and up to 12 people would be allowed in at once. He didn’t expect there to be a crowd.

People are staying away generally, Lundy said.

“We only had nine people come in when we were open four hours last Friday,” he said.

This week the open time for the town office will be on Thursday.

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