Home-based business does artificial floral arrangements

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If you have a need for a artificial floral arrangement you need to look no further than Frankie’s Fricken Flowers.

This is a home-based business run by Francesca Giroux. She started this venture back on Sept. 11, 2017. She had already been doing these kinds of crafts for a long time and the idea to turn it into a business came from her brother. He saw her floral arrangements at a friend’s wedding and made a joke saying “oh look it’s Frankie’s fricken flowers.” The name stuck and she decided to pursue the idea.

Giroux would go onto make a Facebook page. Friends helped her come up with a logo and it eventually got off the ground as a side business. She jokes that this helps prevent her house being full of craft materials.

The business seems to be doing well. Giroux is excited by the interest so far. She has six bookings for the summer. All are weddings. That suits her fine as she loves to work with the different brides in getting them what they want.

Frankie’s Fricken Flowers does more than just weddings. Giroux says she has done floral arrangements for Christmas events. She says the 2017 Christmas season was good for business. She has done funerals, birthdays and other events like that. She also has set up displays at the various markets in town.

Giroux explains that ironically she has not seen a pickup in business for Valentine’s Day. She reasons that this is because most of her business comes from women rather than men. She is not sure how many men know the business exists. She bases this on the insights on her Facebook page.

Giroux has not received any push-back because of the business’ name. Most seem to find it funny. She says at markets people tell her it is humorous.

“I haven’t heard anything back yet on the name,” she says.

As for why Giroux works with artificial flowers, she explains she does not want to put forward the overhead to work with fresh flowers. It would not be possible to run that type of business out of her house. She can work with artificial flowers after putting her kids to bed or in her spare time. This also means she doesn’t have to worry about storage or lifespan of fresh flowers.

Giroux can find an artificial version of any flower. There is no limit on what she can find but there are variants on quality. Some may be more realistic-looking while others are not.

“You can get just about anything,” she says.

Looking to the future, Giroux is not planning on expanding the business anytime soon. She wants to keep it as a side-business run out of her home because she does have a full time job at Nash Giroux LLP, an accounting firm. That said, she would like to do more weddings.

“It’s literally taking a hobby and making a bit of a profit off of it,” she says.

Frankie’s Fricken Flowers

Francesca Giroux decided to take her love of crafts and artificial flowers and turn it into a side business after a joke and some encouragement from her brother. She has since done floral arrangements for weddings and other type events like the Women’s Winter Wellness Day at the Legacy Centre, pictured here.
Photo Courtesy of Frankie’s Fricken Flowers

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