Hoops in the community

Members of the community were invited to hit the hardwood at Roland Michener School last week in a game against junior high boys and girls. It was one of several planned events over the next few weeks in a student leadership program, says organizer and teacher Robin Hollohan, the goal of which is “to bring students, staff and community members together.” The kids were amazed to find out mayor Tyler Warman could play basketball, Hollohan says. In fact he was rebounding like Charles Barkley out there. Hollohan says she has several more basketball-themed activities planned through the month of March. Pictured is teacher Corey Turner (taking the shot for the community team); his teammates in the photo are firefighter Shane Whiteford (#15) and Tyler Warman. Opposing him are Terrance Alook (#15) and Christian Dagohoy.

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