Hoping all the excitement turns into something workable

It’s fair to say the folks at Expander Energy are excited about the prospects for their bio-diesel plant proposal for the Mitsue Industrial Park. In fact Expander Energy VP Gord Crawford uses the term several times in the course of an interview.

The mayor of Slave Lake is also excited about it; he has used the term himself a few times. The owner of Vanderwell Contractors also finds it exciting.

So…… with all the excitement going around, would it be simply Grinch-like to be anything less than excited? Is there room for any skepticism at all?

Maybe. Maybe not. But what really matters is not whether or how much excitement or skepticism there is, but rather whether and when construction of the plant actually commences. That still depends on funding, which as of last week had not been secured.

Beyond that, what matters is whether Expander Energy’s patented process for turning feedstock into liquid fuel is really as green – not to mention affordable – as the proponents hope and claim. There are certainly skeptics on that score – at least one of whom has sent emails to The Leader expressing exactly that. They are not excited about the prospects at all or convinced it is no more than wishful thinking and salesmanship.

Can it possibly be as rosy as its promoters say?

Let’s hope so.

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