Housing authority gets a nice chunk of change for seniors’ lodge improvements

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

It’s not very often The Leader gets to tell the CAO of the regional housing something he doesn’t already know, but that happened last week.
News of a $716,000 federal/provincial contribution to repairs and upgrades to Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority seniors’ housing facilities reached The Leader before housing authority boss Lindsay Pratt knew about it. He got our email and called back, saying ‘That’s great news! Who told you about it?’ By then, Pratt had done some digging and found out enough (courtesy of the local MLA) to convince him it was really happening.
It is good news. The 716 grand is the regional authority’s portion of $14 million in such funding province-wide that the two governments announced in Camrose on Feb. 27. Making the announcement were Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi and Alberta Minister of Seniors and Housing Lori Sigurdson.
As to exactly how the money will be spent, Pratt said he’d get back to us on that. The joint news release from the two ministries says, “The funding has been allocated for projects like hot water tank replacements, furnace upgrades and roof repairs.”
After looking further into it, Pratt informed The Leader, “The funds are allocated to be used for larger capital maintenance project like shingles, siding windows. Some of the work is already done and the remainder will be completed before the end of 2017.”
In fact the housing authority had been tipped off back in November the help was coming, Pratt says.

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