Housing Authority ‘getting its ducks in a row’ on new housing

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority (LSLRHA) is setting out on another affordable housing project.

The LSLRHA provides subsidized housing to seniors, moderate-income individuals, and families throughout the Lesser Slave Lake region.

Board Chair Julie Brandle of the LSLRHA says they are committed to meeting the changing needs of people living in the community through safe and affordable housing. She says the authority had received a tri-council grant from the government, to do a needs assessment.

A needs assessment is an information-gathering process to identify and analyze whether a new facility is required or whether the need can be satisfied in some other way.

Brandle says this is different than a typical building project.

“We do have a green light from the province to go ahead at this point,” says Brandle. “We are proceeding to get our ducks in a row with all the items that would put us in a ‘shovel ready’ stage.”

The project is going to be located on the former Fish and Wildlife property on 4th Ave. northeast.

Brandle says she thinks the province will want to own the building and it would then be rolled into the LSLRHA portfolio, to be managed similarly to what is being done with the Heritage Village building.

“The province bought that [building] after the fire,” she says, “and we manage it and it had been very successful.”

Heritage Village currently has a percentage of low-income tenants as well as regular income tenants.

The proposed building would not only be for seniors, says Brandle, but if they qualify as low income then they will be accepted. Brandle says there is a lot of work to be done but the LSLRHA is excited to make the location reading for building.

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