How are those boycotts going so far?

Speaking of protests, how are those boycotts of products from Quebec going? Or for that matter, boycotts of gas stations charging too much in Slave Lake? This is the perennial thorn in the side of people in this area.
They’re as mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore (to paraphrase Peter Finch in ‘Network’), but as far as we can tell, the protests never amount to much. We’re pretty much stuck with what we’ve got, unless we quit driving altogether. Or, as some wise guy suggested the other day, we all buy electric vehicles. That would send a pointed message.

On the other hand, gas prices did drop over the holidays. They went down in Edmonton and Westlock too, of course, so the gap is probably about the same. The downside is that it reflects the low price of a barrel of oil, which translates into not a lot happening in the oilpatch. However, the mills should be having less trouble finding drivers for log trucks these days.

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