“How can we show someone we love them?”

Love is too big for just one page, so over the next few weeks answers from St. Mary of the Lake Preschool and Kindergarten students will be in the Leader, as part of a larger project to show love. See article on Page 6.


Erich SN. – “I love Mommy and baby sister and Daddy and preschool. I give love to friends, since I help them clean their tables and draw pictures. We learn together!”

Evan M. – “Cuddles and be gentle.”

Jesse H. – “Kirby my dog. I give him hugs and play with him outside. I throw snow for him.”

Kailey D. – “Make them cards and invite you (teacher) to my house for a movie night and sleepover with popcorn and pop. I could make a necklace for my mom and also some pictures. Then go to bed so Mom can snuggle me. I love her.”

Marybeth I. – “Mommy and Daddy and Samuel (brother). Hugs!”

Milla J. – “Hugs and kisses and snuggles!”

Rose L. – “Hugs and say I love you and give mom and dad kisses. I help mom bake cakes, cupcakes, and smoothies. I help my brother clean up everything. Dad gives extra hugs.”

Rose L.

Sophia N. – “Hugs and hearts! I draw hearts too. I tickle my Dad and make messes so he can clean them up so he has something to do. I tell him and my Mom I love them.”

Zachary W. – “By hugging and kissing family, and playing with them!”


Alec P. – “Be helpful, be nice, and give hugs!”

Alec P.

Carter K. – “I’m thinking. Give Mom hugs, and I love to give my Dad hugs too, and with my brother I just play with a lot of things.”

Christian S. – “Umm, I show my Dad by sharing my teddy when we play. I love my mom ‘cause I share my Mario with her. I give hugs and kisses to Dad and Mom and Yasmin (sister) and me Christian, that’s my name!”

Daphne F. – “It’s how I hug them. You just use your hands and squeeze your arms! But be loose for Mommy because she doesn’t like squeezin’, but I squeeze Daddy! He likes big squeezes, and for my sister, well I just hug her like normal.”

Eli A. – “I don’t know. Be nice and hug. I help my brother clean up too.”

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