HPSD board approves a new vision

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

The HPSD board of trustees approved a new division statement and values at its April 16 board meeting.
The new vision is “High Prairie School Division will inspire students to learn, lead, and succeed in an ever-changing world.”

The new mission is “To inspire, lead, and empower success through accountability and resilience, creating a culture of lifelong learning.”

This is fairly similar to the old one “we inspire, lead, and achieve to the highest level,” which was revised in May 2011, and approved in June 2011, March 2015, October 2019, and May 2023.

The approval of the new vision followed 13 community consultations and strategic planning by the board.
The board were pleased with the results and the process.

After a board member read out the statements, Corey Hughes, Slave Lake trustee said, “I feel really good about that. I feel proud of it. We work hard. I’m excited for it. Way to go team!”

“We did some great team building,” Joy McGregor, chair and Slave Lake trustee agreed. Much of the strategic planning was “wordsmithing,” she added, thanking two staff members who helped with the process.

“When we left there,” she said, “we felt good, and we felt proud.”

The board unanimously approved the new vision statement, mission, and core values through first, second, and third and final reading.

At the meeting, the board also approved an appendix to the role of the superintendent which lays out the evaluation process.

“It helps clarify the process and the timelines,” said Trustee Karin Scholl.

In a closed session, the board had discussed changes to advocacy points. They approved them in the open session. These are priorities that the board uses when lobbying the Alberta Education, municipal, provincial, or the federal government.

Board trustees asked that the approved advocacy items be available to the public through a news release with a link to the document. As of May 3, this hadn’t happened.

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