Human remains found in jack pines area: RCMP Major Crimes on the job

Unlikely to be anyone local, says RCMP

Leader staff

On Oct. 6, somebody out walking in the jack pines area outside of Slave Lake came across what RCMP are calling ‘human remains.’

The condition of these remains was not mentioned in the official communications, but it can be inferred that the gender of the person was not immediately obvious. That would have been left up to the medical examiner, who was due to perform an autopsy on Oct. 9.

Otherwise, police are asking for information. Slave Lake RCMP Staff Sgt. John Spaans told The Leader last week that based on missing persons reports, it is unlikely to be somebody from the Slave Lake area. Not that there aren’t unsolved missing persons cases in Slave Lake; it’s just that none are recent enough to be the body in question. (If it is a body.)

“We’re looking into it,” Spaans said.

So is the RCMP’s Major Crimes Unit, bringing its provincial resources to bear on the case.

The jack pines area is popular for a number of reasons, one of them being a dumping ground for people who choose not to use the approved methods. Berry picking and ATV and dirt-bike riding are two others, there being lots of sand and relatively open country. There are a lot of oil wells in the area, meaning easy road access. It is common to find old unwanted appliances, furniture, cars and other junk. But human remains – nobody expects to find that.

Two days after the autopsy last week, Spaans said he still hadn’t heard any results.

“I know they are waiting for lab results,” he said. “That process starts today.”

As to a more precise location of the grisly find, Spaans said it was “definitely the jack pines.” He indicated a turn-off to the right off Hwy. 88 just south of the golf course access.

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2 thoughts on “Human remains found in jack pines area: RCMP Major Crimes on the job

  1. Oh please! I’m sure Slave Lake R.C.MP will rule it an accident, if you want to get away with murder slave lake is the place to do it! My son was murdered in Slave Lake he phoned me panicked that some thing bad was been planned against him! Couple days later I received a phone call that he was dead! They ruled it an accident and moved on! I brought his autopsy to an investigator who told me he had enough car fentynol in his heart to kill an elephant he had never seen such high levels! Furthermore he was found sitting in a chair in a bedroom with no clothes on but his underwear and a jacket! The investigator asked how did he inject himself in the top right shoulder then take the needle out and put a jacket on? He said it is impossible! And what happened to his clothes when he wasn’t sleeping in the house but in a shed in the yard! R.c.m.p would not even respond to my question when I called but I have a right to know what happened, even after I said I may know something about the first homicide in Edmonton for 2018 the young man that was shot in the head they blew me off! And that’s what I think of their investigation! All B.S. how many more have been murdered and ruled an accident!
    Maybe it’s time to investigate their investigations!


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