Icedogs face rival Red Wings: end winning streak

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On October 30 and 31, the Slave Lake Icedogs were scheduled to play the Fox Creek Ice Kings, but for reasons (unknown by press time) the team played the High Prairie Red Wings.

Going into the game, Icedogs were undefeated, having beat the Ice Kings in four games. The Red Wings came into the game with a one win and three losses.

However, the Icedogs lost both games.

Game 1
The Oct. 30 hockey game was in Slave Lake.

Icedog Tucker Evans scored the first goal as a power play. He was assisted by Ethan Stuckless and Shaye Sommerfeld. The Red Wings evened the score.

In the second period, Icedogs scored the first goal, but the Red Wings scored twice. Justin Greyeyes assisted by Evans and Carson Lux scored the goal.
Early in the third period, Slave Lake scored the first goal. Sommerfeld scored short handed and unassisted. Later, Lux scored with a power play. He was assisted by Griffin Thiessen and Dominic Beaver. High Prairie scored three times.

Icedogs lost – 6 to 4.

Both the Icedogs and Red Wings goalie faced 41 shots on goal. Icedogs goalie Vishaun Liberte stopped 35 of 41. The Red Wings’ goalie stopped 37.

Game 2
The second game of the weekend was Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. in High Prairie.

In the first period, Sommerfeld made one goal. Lux and Logan Toutsaint assisted him. The Red Wings scored three times.

In the second period, the Icedogs started to close the gap scoring twice. The Red Wings made one goal. Sommerfled assisted by Lux scored the first goal. Bryce Young assisted by Sommerfeld and Travis Kriewaldt scored the second.

Sommerfeld scored for the Icedogs in the third. He was assisted by Griffin Thiessen. However, the Red Wings scored five times.

Icedogs lost – 9 to 4.

Icedogs’ goalie Skyler Di Lallo stopped 37 of 46 shots on goal. The Red Wings goalie stopped 34 of 38.

Sommerfeld was the only Iceodogs’ player in the two games to be named a star player. He was star #3 in the second game.

Slave Lake Icedogs score the first goal of the season against their rivals the High Prairie Red Wings. The first goal was not enough to bring home the win. Icedogs lost 6 to 4. This was the teams’ first loss this season.

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