Inside sources tell us

We have it from an inside source that two topics discussed last week at the Rural Municipalities’ Association conference in Edmonton were caribou range planning and ambulance response times. The latest word on the caribou business from our ‘deep throat’ at the Shaw Conference Centre was that the Government of Alberta is now urging the federal government to re-look at the caribou issues. This is the imposed range-planning stuff that has industry and municipal governments so worried. MLA Danielle Larivee is apparently speaking up for her constituents on the same topic.

On the ambulance side of things, there’s a lot of concern in rural areas about slow response times. This can be caused by ambulances being tied up on medical transfers, or having been called away to other towns. The result is gaps in coverage. There may be ways to improve the efficiency of what we’ve got, but there’s no getting around the fact that there just aren’t enough resources. That can be solved by spending more money, and we all know whose pockets that has to come out of.

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