Interagency Council Notebook

October 27, 2020 meeting
Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Interagency is a group of ‘helping agencies’ which meets monthly to share information.

Town – Family Community Social Services
On November 18, there is a Rural Learning Series online session on human trafficking in rural communities. Tickets are free, but registration is required. Tickets are on EventBrite.
The Rural Mental Health Project has funding specifically to address rural mental health programs, said Serena Weipert, Town of Slave Lake Family and Community Social Services coordinator. Backbone organizations will identify a local community members to work as ‘animators’ to help people network and identify local solutions to mental health concerns. (See June 10, 2020 Leader article ‘Rural ‘animators’ wanted for community mental health’ for more details).
With COVID-19, the town has had trouble giving out its FCSS money. Weipert encouraged any organization with projects or events in 2020 to contact her to see if a partnership is possible. Projects must meet the FCSS criteria.
“We have money,” said Weipert. “If we don’t spend the money, we have to give it back.”

Town – programs
There are booklets available about current courses and workshops, said Taylor Tonsi, Town of Slave Lake programs coordinator. She is working on the schedule for January to April. She’ll be starting on Frost Fest plans soon.

AHS – Long-term care
“We’re managing, but we’re sure missing them,” Blanche Chymycz said, about not being able to have volunteers, because of COVID-19.
Chymycz is the Slave Lake Long-Term Care recreation therapist.
People can however volunteer virtually. Chymycz is especially interested in programming for Christmas. Homemade decorations can also be donated, but these should be laminated, so they can be sanitized. In the past, kids at Town of Slave Lake P.D. Day Camps have made decorations for the seniors and other residents of the long-term care.
The Christmas party will by Dec. 15, likely with virtual entertainment.
Friends and family members can visit, but have to book an appointment online.

Northern Haven Support Society
November is Family Violence Prevention Month, said Tracy Leggett, from Northern Haven Support Society Outreach. NHSS has decided not to hand out individual purple ribbons this year, but has large purple ribbons if people would like to place them in their business.
Every Tuesday, NHSS Outreach has a ladies social hour. This is happening in-person. One of the November events is making poppy wreaths.

Town – seniors
The town is still offering free income tax, said seniors’ coordinator Tammy Kendall. Drop-off is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
She is looking for volunteers to shovel snow for seniors. Dominos is the sponsor once again.

AHS – addictions
The Lesser Slave Lake Health Advisory Council has two online sessions of Psychological First Aid for a Pandemic. These are free, and on Zoom, Monday, November 9, from 1 to 3 p.m. or 6 to 8 p.m. Email [email protected] to register. Space is limited.
“It’s a really great thing (the training),” said Trina Napier, AHS Addictions and Mental Health. “Especially for those working in the helping industry.”
AHS has an online mental health support network called Togetherall.

Rupertsland Institute
The Métis Nation of Alberta has a new program ‘Oskaya Ayamichikewak’ (Young Readers in Cree-Michif). In this program, MNA citizens or children of MNA citizens can receive a free subscription to the Imagination Library from birth to their 5th birthday.
On November 24, Rupertsland Institute is having a Métis virtual job fair.

WJS provides FASD assessments to youth and adults among other things.

Children’s Resource Council
The Children’s Resource Council has supports for families with children zero to 17. November 3 to December 15 it is offering an online prenatal course, through Healthy Choices. In the new year, it plans to offer seven week postnatal and birthing companion courses.

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