Involvement is key to keeping people

One issue that people often talk about in Slave Lake is how hard it is to recruit and keep: doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, mechanics, waitresses, cooks, truck drivers, retail workers, welders, pretty much any type of employee.

The Leader often does new faces interviews with people in the community. Sometimes there’s a new face in the same position a couple times a year. Others have been in the same job, or at least in Slave Lake and area for decades.

Slave Lake seems to be divided into two types of people. Those who are looking for someplace better and those who never leave. Some people planned on being here for a few years and forty years later are still here. Others planned to stay, but didn’t find it to their liking.

Over the years of interviewing people new to the area or those who’ve been here a while, a trend has emerged. The people who get involved in the community stay. Or at the very least are happy to be here.

At recent council meetings, the Chamber of Commerce and in other places, many people have talked about the importance of volunteers. Part of this is to make events such as All In Slave Lake and others happen. But there’s also a benefit for volunteers.

Volunteer Scotland lists seven benefits of volunteering: gain confidence, make a difference, meet people, be part of a community, learn new skills, take on a challenge, and have fun.

Now obviously this organization has a vested interest in getting people to volunteer, but all of these ring true.

After the isolation of COVID-19, many people are likely seeking opportunities to meet people and be in community. Volunteering is a good way to do this.

At the M.D. of Lesser Slave River, M.D. council meeting Canyon Creek Recreation Association representatives said that it has 37 or 38 members, but would like to have 200. For a hamlet, that’s pretty impressive.

And that’s just one of many nonprofits, community organizations, and other opportunities to volunteer in Slave Lake and surrounding area.

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