Is MP Viersen playing hard to get?

To the Editor:

Riverboat Daze was really great this year. Friday evening was perfect! My family and I loved the parade full of people who love the community, giving candy to the kids, spending their own money to decorate floats while they danced and waved to the throngs of people who came out to watch and join spirits. To top this off, there was a great street party loaded with great food, fantastic music, and pure community spirit.
There was only one thing missing. There always seems to be just one thing missing at our community events. His name is Arnold.
I am a dad and I take being a dad seriously. I show up for school concerts and drama events; I stop what I am doing and listen to my kids’ stories; I take them to the beach. I admit that I am not always 100 per cent thrilled to do all these things with them. I have a ton of projects I need to work on before winter; the kids’ stories often tend to have way too much character development, go nowhere plot-wise, and regularly contain no ending; and my body has not been beach ready for at least a decade. But I try and show up. If I didn’t show up, I would feel horrible about myself. I would look at myself as a deadbeat dad.
I often wonder if Arnold Viersen, our Member of Parliament, who we hired to make sure this community’s best interest is taken into consideration feels any of this guilt for being a deadbeat MP.
I have not seen him in Slave Lake once since he was elected two years ago. Actually, he could not find it in his schedule to even show up for the candidates’ debate in Slave Lake prior to the election.
We voted him in with confidence and he has been ghosting us ever since.
He hasn’t even landed here for an hour by accident on his way fishing or something. Maybe he didn’t get the invitations for the last two Riverboat Daze parades. Perhaps he does not know what day we have our Canada Day celebrations. Maybe the hockey provincials that we hosted last winter weren’t high profile enough. Does he plan to visit us only if we have another disaster? Possibly he can’t find Slave Lake on his riding map. Has he moved? Has anyone checked the hospitals or morgues? Are we all dead to him for something we said? Is he playing hard to get? Are we too boring for him? Are our votes for him from this community too automatic?

Sonis McAllister
Slave Lake, AB



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