It can’t happen here?

Things like that don’t happen here. That’s the first thing people think when something horrible does happen in small town. Mayerthorpe Alberta. Taber Alberta. Small-town Nova Scotia just last week.

So of course you ask yourself – could something like that happen here?
Surely not!

It probably won’t. But it certainly could. A couple of weeks ago, for example, somebody tried to set a Slave Lake hotel on fire. It wasn’t a very determined effort and it failed. What if it hadn’t failed? We might be talking about a case of fatal arson in a small town where things like that just don’t happen. One can just imagine the unimaginative TV and radio news reports. ‘Small, tight-knit community, pulling together in the face of unimaginable tragedy.’ They always say the same things. And some scared-looking local person, on camera, saying, ‘Things like this aren’t supposed to happen here.’

True enough. But sometimes they do.

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