It’s a Weed! – Scentless chamomile

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There are no white daisy-like wildflowers in Alberta. However, two common noxious weeds – scentless chamomile and oxeye daisy – look like daisies. Alberta’s Weed Control Act says landowners must control noxious weeds and destroy prohibited noxious weeds.

When scentless chamomile isn’t blooming, it looks like pineapple weed (not invasive). To check, pinch the bloom and sniff your fingers. If your fingers smell like pineapple, it’s pineapple weed. If not, remove it.

The scentless chamomile fact sheet on says, “stems are erect to semi-erect, highly branched, may be reddish in color, and can grow up to one metre tall. There can be a few to many stems per plant.

“Leaves are alternate and very finely divided into short segments (carrot-like) and odorless when crushed.

“Flowers are composed of a yellow central disk surrounded by white petals. The flowers are borne singly at the end of stems and have numerous bracts (leaves with a flower in the middle), arranged in overlapping rows.”

The other invasive is oxeye daisy, which is larger and has darker leaves.

Scentless chamomile can be controlled with tilling, mowing, pulling, or chemicals. See for more details.

Scentless chamomile

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