Julie Brandle resigns from town council

Byelection to be called

Joe McWilliams

Lakeside Leader

Ten-year town councillor Julie Brandle announced last week she is resigning. Citing the demands of what amounts to a couple of full-time jobs, Brandle said in a social media post on Sept. 5 it’s time to step aside.
“This schedule has taken its toll, and I’m not certain I can continue in this manner for another two years,” she said.

The next municipal election is in October of 2025.

Brandle joined council in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017 and 2021. She has owned and operated Royal LePage Progressive Realty the whole time she has served on council. Last year, as she noted in her announcement, that job got even busier.

“I expanded my business in 2022, and it’s clear I need to concentrate on both the expansion and on my health.”

Brandle sat on five committees as a councillor – that’s in addition to regular council obligations. She’s spent considerable time as chair of the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority board – no small responsibility itself.

Judging by the tone of her announcement, it was a tough decision for Brandle.

“I am sorry to put the town through the burden and expense of another byelection,” she said. “However, it is clear to me that the council table needs a fresh face and a fresh prospective, which is never a bad thing for the community!”

It’s up to town council to set a date for the byelection. As to who might run, we’ll have to wait and see, but here is a list of the unsuccessful candidates from the 2021 council election: Darin Busk, Philip Lokken, Susan Giesbrecht, Ronnie Lukan, Winona Twin, Ian Cameron and Craig Hudson.

Michael Loroff is another possibility; he came in second to Ali Mouallem in the byelection held this past March.

Brandle responded to The Leader’s request for further comment with the following:

“I’ve been through four CAOs, three byelections and two mayors! They say that council is a moving train and some get on and some get off. And after 10 years, I feel like it’s my turn to get off! I have a lot on my plate, and I honestly don’t like doing anything, if I can’t give it my whole attention. It’s not fair to the rest of council or to the committees I was sitting on.

“I truly enjoyed my time on council. I learned a lot about the town inner workings, and honestly I learned a lot about myself in the journey. I don’t have any regrets!”

Julie Brandle

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