June 1 COVID-19 update: 11 North Zone cases recovered

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

On June 1, 11 people in the Alberta Health Services North Zone recovered from COVID-19. These include the last three cases in the M.D. of Smoky River. With 68 total cases, this is the North Zone municipality hardest hit by the virus.

There were no new cases on Monday. Over the weekend, there were four new cases in the North Zone. Slave Lake remains at five cases – all recovered.

With these recoveries and new cases, only six North Zone municipalities have active cases. Of these the largest number of active cases are in the City of Grande Prairie, which has nine active cases.

11 recoveries

The last three M.D. of Smoky River COVID-19 cases recovered on June 1. This municipality which is two counties west of Slave Lake has the most cases in Alberta Health Services North Zone. It has 68 cases – 58 recovered and 10 deaths. The majority of these cases are in McLennan.

To the south of Slave Lake, the only case in Woodland County has now recovered. This means that all of the cases in the M.D. of Lesser Slave River and adjacent municipalities has recovered except for one. As of June 1, there is still one active case in Big Lakes County. The outbreak at J.B. Wood also remains active.

Other recoveries were in MacKenzie County, M.D. of Greenview, the City of Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie County, and Lac St. Anne County.

With these recoveries, there are only 17 active cases in the North Zone. There are 213 recovered cases and 16 deaths. The last death was on May 26. It was a resident at J.B. Wood Continuing Care in High Prairie, in Big Lakes County.

New cases

Overall, the North Zone isn’t increasing quickly. On June 1, there were no new cases.

Graph made by Leader staff with information from government of Alberta COVID-19 statistics.

Over the weekend, there were four new cases. Both the City of Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray increased by two cases.

Fort McMurray has 25 cases – four active and 21 recovered. This community has the fourth most cases in the North Zone.

Grande Prairie has 14 cases. Of these, all but three were announced in the last two weeks. However, several of the cases from last week have now recovered.

Grande Prairie has nine active and five recovered cases. This is the most active cases in any region in the North Zone at the moment.

Active cases

There are active cases in six regions in the North Zone.

  • City of Grande Prairie – nine active
  • Fort McMurray – four active
  • Big Lakes County – one active
  • Grande Prairie County – one active
  • MacKenzie County – one active
  • Yellowhead County – one active

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