June 12 COVID-19 update: Stage II starts, very few North Zone cases

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

Stage II of the Alberta Relaunch Strategy started today (See June 9 COVID update for details). Like Stage I, businesses and organizations are opening at different times.

Slave Lake remains at five COVID-19 cases – all recovered.

This week, there were a few new cases in the Alberta Health Services Health Zone. However, with the greater number of recoveries, the number of active cases is fewer than at the beginning of the week.

On June 8, there were 17 active cases in five regions of the North Zone.

Today, June 12, there were 10 active cases in four regions.
– City of Grande Prairie – six active
– Fort McMurray – two active
– MacKenzie County – one active
– Clear Hills County – one active

Unless something newsworthy happens the next update will be Friday, June 19.

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