June 8 COVID-19 update: Wabasca and other cases removed

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

The total Alberta Health Services’ North Zone COVID-19 numbers decreased. All of the changes were of recovered cases. Notably, this decrease includes the long expected removal of the M.D. of Opportunity case. Also, two previous deaths were moved to a different county.

Both types of change were likely address corrections, as has happened in the past.

In the last 48 hours, there were three new cases in the North Zone. This makes 17 active cases in the five regions (see final section).

Overall decrease

The most noteworthy of the removals of recovered cases is the long awaited official announcement that there was no case in the M.D of Opportunity.

A decrease in the overall number of cases in a region is likely a correction of the person’s address, says a government of Alberta spokesperson.

As of June 8, Opportunity has zero cases of COVID-19.

On April 27, a case was reported in Opportunity, which includes the communities Red Earth Creek and Wabasca. While this person has long recovered from the virus, as of June 8, they are officially no longer listed in the region.

In early May, Opportunity Reeve Marcel Auger said Wabasca doctors were working with AHS to clear up some confusion regarding this case.The local doctors were 99 per cent certain that this case is a former Wabasca resident who moved away from the community some time ago and didn’t update their identification. The person lives in a different community now.

There were also decreases in recovered cases in the County of Northern Lights and Woodlands County, and a few other areas.

These type of decreases have happened several times during COVID-19.

J.B. Wood

As of Friday, the outbreak at J.B. Wood Continuing Care in High Prairie is closed.

Today, two deaths moved from neighbouring communities to Big Lakes County. This does not mean there were any new deaths. The total number of COVID-19 deaths remains at 16.

These deaths were of residents at J.B. Wood, but their addresses likely used to be in surrounding communities.

Graph built by Leader staff with information from https://www.alberta.ca/stats/covid-19-alberta-statistics.htm.

Active cases

As of June 8, there are 17 active cases in the Alberta Health Services’ North Zone. These are in five regions.

  • City of Grande Prairie – nine active
  • Fort McMurray – four active
  • MacKenzie County – two active
  • Grande Prairie County – one active
  • Clear Hills County – one active

Of these cases, three are new cases in the last 48 hours. These are in Clear Hills, MacKenzie, and Grande Prairie counties.

All other North Zone cases have recovered or died. The last new death was on March 26. Slave Lake remains at five cases – all recovered.

Unless something news worthy happens the next COVID-19 update will be on Friday.

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