Kids Letters to the Editor

The Leader put a ‘call out’ for letters to the editor from kids. One topic, or question, per week is being posted online at and our Lakeside Leader group page on Facebook.
A form is provided, making it pretty easy to participate!
Below are a couple of of the early responses to two of the topics posted, in recent weeks.

Write a story or poem including the words, green, lake and kind

To the Editor:

Once there was a little green fish who was kind.
He lived in a lake.
He shaked fins and grglled.
Thank you.

Kairi Ramer
Grade 1
Smith School

What is one of your happiest memories? Why?

To the Editor:

Tiernan’s happiness memory (dictated to Mommy).
“My cat Pippin. So Pippin is one of my favorites because he’s a cat & I love cats. We actually got Pippin & it’s not like he was in your tummy. I know we did adopt him. So he was just eating food & now he’s sleeping. I like eating food but not sleeping. He was small like a kitten when we got him but he’s two now but almost three.”

Tiernan O’Rourke
St. Mary Of The Lake

What is one of your happiest memories? Why?

To the Editor:

One of my most happiest memories was when I got to swim again in a relay race at Provincials.

It was the summer of August 16th last year. My relay team and I were about to race 100 metres in the pool. We felt nervous, but our positive thoughts kept crowding our brains.

My teammate got on top of the diving block, I could feel the determination in her eyes. And then, in a blink of an eye, a huge splash cascaded right in my eardrums!

My relay team was startled. When I looked down, I sadly saw that my teammate had false started, along with three other swimmers.

My relay team tried to stay as calm as possible. When we found out that we were disqualified, we headed out to leave, since it was our final swim of the year. We felt cold and desolate. It was hard thinking you had to wait for a few hours for nothing. When suddenly, our coaches informed us that taking us out of the pool wasn’t entirely fair. They said in swimming rules, if anybody jumped in along with the first person that false started, they would have to be taken out too!

Suddenly, my desolate thoughts faded away and filled with hope. I thought that I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I really thought my relay team and I were going to swim again.

So, after a lot of waiting and planning with my teammates, we finally got to swim! The people cooed, they clapped they cheered! It made us very happy!
When we were done, we felt pride. We felt like we could do it all over again! Even though we got a 12th place, we still were grateful we got to swim! And that we have awesome coaches!

Leanne McLeod
Grade 5
E.G.Wahlstrom School

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