Kids’ letters to the editor

What is the funnest thing you can do at home?

Dear Lakeside Leader:

The thing that I enjoy the most at home would be watching “Brooklyn 99” with my family.

Jacob Derksen
Grade 7, Slave Lake Koinonia Christian School

To the Editor,

At home, I can play games with mommy and daddy.

Callum Ramer
Kindergarten, Smith School

To the Editor:

I like to draw because it helps me learn.

Kairi Ramer
Grade 1, Smith School

Pre-COVID and hopefully post-COVID, The Leader does a Kid’s Talk each week. This involves going to one school a week to ask five kids a question. Their responses and photos are put on Page 6 as Kid’s Talk.
The Leader is practicing social distancing, so has asked kids to write in a letter to the editor instead.
This week’s request is for a story about someone you are grateful for.
Please see ad on Page 15 for details.

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