Kids’ News from Smith School

Alexia and Lucas
For the Lakeside Leader

Good morning everyone!
This is Alexia and Lucas reporting from Smith School with Kids News!
The weeks are getting busier and busier as we near the end of the school year. Thank you to all of the parents who joined us during education week last week for our pancake breakfast.
There will be an archery practice after school this Monday.
This Tuesday the Grade 9s are writing Part A of their Language Arts P.A.T. Good luck everyone! Remember to believe in yourselves!
This Wednesday is another Health Day. It is also Hot Lunch! Taco salad will be served. This Wednesday is also the last day of University! Thank you to all who taught courses.
There is also university this Wednesday. After school on Wednesday, the wood working students will be working on finishing their projects.
This Thursday singer/musician and song writer Daniel Gervais is coming back to Smith School!!! He will be working with all classes. A performance will be taking place and parents and community members are welcome to attend.
There is no school this Friday due to a staff work day. Have a great long weekend!

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