Kid’s Talk

What kind of bird is your  favourite?

Asked of Grade 1 students at St. Mary of the Lake School.


Caleb Elliot

“A bluejay. I like them because of the Bluejay baseball team. Not real bluejays but people playing baseball and calling themself bluejays. Baseball and hockey are my favourite.”




Albreseia Iligan

“Colourful ones like parrots and toucans. I really like parrots because they can talk language and they have so many different colours.”




Kellen Crowe

“Bluejay, because they are my favourite colour.”





Ella Wolfe

“A pecking bird. You know, the ones who stand on trees and peck them? They make holes in the tree that we can put things inside. I like it when they don’t peck your hand, though.”




Khloe Babiy

“A peacock. They are so colourful and they make a funny, weird sounding caw when they talk.”

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