Kids these days!

Oh boy. Kids. Suffering for their fashion statements like never before. You have to wonder where it will go next.

Just last week, for example, it was in the minus teens with a brisk wind from the northwest, making the wind chill around -20. But there went a trio of high school students, bare heads, bare hands and one of them even wearing shorts. Proving how tough they are? How cool they are?

On the other hand, the guy with the shorts was wearing a toque. No frozen ears for him.

Then along in the other direction came a couple of girls with more holes in their jeans than actual fabric. They might has well have been wearing shorts.

We haven’t had any reports of an outbreak of severe frostbite, so maybe they know what their limits are, after all. Or maybe those warnings you hear from the authorities about how frostbite can occur within x number of minutes are exaggerated. We did see a kid once with blackened earlobes.

But what appears to be happening is a general denial that winter exists. This is easier for people who drive to maintain than kids who walk; the actual exposure to the reality of the elements is usually no more than the few seconds it takes to get from the heated truck cab into the heated store or office. Command start means never having to actually dress for the weather.

But these kids. They are the tough ones. If you pretend winter isn’t real, then maybe it isn’t. The wish makes it come true. We know there are political and religious people who act on this principle. Turns out high schoolers are doing it too.

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