Kinuso curling league wraps up a successful season

Roberta Hunt
For the Lakeside Leader

It was another great year of laughs, good food, good drinks, memories and of course curling in Kinuso. Our club had 16 regular teams, which curled throughout the week from November to March. We call it a Super League….with teams made up of families, men, women, mixed and students. We appreciate these curlers so much. We will be starting next year’s curling with a Family Spiel on Dec. 7 and 8, 2018.
Our first bonspiel was the Skeeters. This is a couple of days of curling with children from Grade 3 through Grade 12. This year our numbers were down and we only had eight teams. The teams had a great time and showed some good sportsmanship and curling. Skeeters next year will be held on Feb. 7/8, 2019.
Next up was our Ladies’ Bonspiel, with 16 teams…the theme was Cinco De Mayo. Barb Severson’s team beat out the Deanna Sloan team in the A Event (Brittany McLaughlin 3rd, Charmaine Sound 4th). Chris Monaghan’s team beat out Shelly Gladue’s team in the B Event. The Tanya Bellerose team beat out the Sharon Davis team in the C Event.
We thank the curlers that travel from away to come to this fun bonspiel. And all mascots were returned to their rightful owners. Ladies’ Bonspiel next year is January 25, 26 and 27, 2019.
The Men’s Bonspiel was held the beginning of March. This bonspiel was run a bit differently than other years. We were all done curling by Saturday night. We paid out for each win; only the top team in each event was awarded a prize and we had a comedian for the Saturday night entertainment. The men seemed to like this format. Lee Hunt’s team beat out Steve Gladue’s team in the A Event. ELS team beat out the Peter Chon team in the B Event. Leon Giroux’s team beat out Chase Labby’s team in the C Event. The Men’s Bonspiel next year is March 8 – 10, 2019.
Twenty-four teams showed up to curl for our Loggers Bonspiel. Not only was it our biggest bonspiel it was also the biggest one held in the area. With only having three sheets of ice we start on Thursday night. The banquet was jam-packed and we danced to the awesome music from the band ‘Last Minute.’
The Steve Gladue team beat out Russel Collins‘ team in the A Event (Chase Labby 3rd, Quentin Sloan 4th) Dean Doerksen’s team beat out the Night Hawk team in the B Event (Billy Millet 3rd, Jay Rock 4th). The D Jean team beat out Everett Twin’s team in the C Event (Hunter Wedmid 3rd, Shafer 4th).
In this bonspiel the teams are curling for meat….bought from our local butcher. Event A – Steaks, Event B-Pork and Event C-Chicken, with the first team out getting sausage (Ralph Davis team). Loggers next year is April 5 – 7, 2019.
Our regular curlers ended the year with a fun wind-up. We gathered at the rink, had a great supper, threw our names into a hat and drew out teams, brought prizes and handed out our year-end winners. We don’t normally keep score, but this year we wanted to make it a bit more interesting. Our top team was the Amy Saitz team with a total of 60 points. Congratulations to Amy Saitz, Tanya Sloan, Tanas Williams and Kendel Giroux.
Aiden McLaughlin made the shot of the year to have his team win the wind-up! Once again we thank our regular curlers, Kinuso Staff, ELS, Hunt, Merc, Amy, Farrah, Dashkewytch, CM Forestry, Labby, Chon, Jackie, Leon C, Charmaine, Mark, Leon G, Kinuso Students (students team is in memory of Lynn Churchill).
And of course none of this happens without great volunteers. Hats off to all of your. Rock on and we will see you next season.


Overall winner’s in the league curling season was the Amy Saitz team. Left to right are Tanas Williams, Kendel Giroux and Saitz. Missing is Tanya Saitz.


Kinuso curling club wind-up event winners Nicole Churchill, Aiden McLaughlin and Robert Chalifoux (with Ryder).

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