Lack of Christmas cash prompted crime

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

A Kinuso woman will spend another two months in jail after pleading guilty in High Prairie Provincial Court July 24 to fraud, assault, theft and mischief.
Forty-year-old Victorine Lenora Twin was sentenced to 90 days, but given credit for 36 days served while awaiting her fate in court.
Twin attempted to cash two counterfeit cheques at a store in Driftpile on Dec. 11, 2016, Crown prosecutor Hayden Shook told the court. One cheque was for $1,588 and the other was for $1,000.
Twin’s lawyer Harry Jong later told court that Twin used the fraudulent cheques because she was short on money for Christmas.
The court heard that a few days later, on Dec. 15, Twin stole a smart phone valued at $700 from a school in Swan River.
It was not the end of Twin’s illegal activities. Shook told the court on May 31 of this year she assaulted a man in his home in Driftpile after an argument started. The two were in a domestic relationship at the time. During the assault, court heard that Twin pulled the man’s hair and kicked him. Later, she broke the windshield of a vehicle belonging to his male friend. On July 2, Twin entered the man’s home without permission.
Jong told the court Twin realizes she did wrong and is eager to get treatment.
“I’m sorry and I take full responsibility for my actions,” she told the court, appearing on closed-circuit television.
Judge Shynkar granted Twin the right to serve the remainder of her sentence on weekends, after she requested it. However, he did place her on probation for 12 months, with one condition being that she has no contact with the prime victim.


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