Lakeshore Police adapts uniforms to include traditional skirts


February 1, 2021, marked a historic day for the Lakeshore Regional Police Service as it adapted its ceremonial uniform with the adoption of ribbon skirts for our members, who identify as women.

Ribbon skirts are a historical and traditional form of identity among Indigenous women which tells a story of resilience, sacredness and survival and is not bound to one specific tribe across Turtle Island.

Driftpile Cree First Nation band member, Tina Isadore, designed and created Lakeshore Regional’s ribbon skirts. She incorporated the medicine wheel colours behind a handcrafted LRPS logo. Five red ribbons represent the five nations Lakeshore serves.

As Lakeshore moves forward, its members will proudly wear these skirts and walk a path of resilience and parallel with Indigenous ways of being and understanding and move forward with collective responsibility to foster an environment of cultural respect and pride.

Two Lakeshore Regional police officers wearing Lakeshore dress uniforms complete with its new ribbon skirt.
Courtesy of Lakeshore Regional Police Service.

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