Lakeside Outreach School moving

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake’s Lakeside Outreach School is heading for a new home. At least that’s the implication in a recent set of minutes from the High Prairie School Division’s Board of Trustees. At its April 15 meeting, the board approved “up to $200,000…to refurbish the Canyon Creek building on the CJ Schurter campus.”

The decision to spend the money is conditional on the government’s response for funding. If it comes through, says board chair Joyce Dvornek, so much the better, but the move is going to happen regardless.

Saving money is one of the reasons for the change in location.

“We wouldn’t have to pay rent on our own property,” Dvornek says.

The Canyon Creek annex is so called because it was moved in from a school that had been located in Canyon Creek. It has served as a classroom, but lately has just been used for storage. It is quite a bit smaller than the current location of the outreach school, but Dvornek says administration has recommended it as a workable alternative.

“We hope to have it in place by September,” Dvornek says.

Lakeside Outreach has operated in Slave Lake for over 20 years, offering an alternative style of junior and senior high school delivery. For its first few years it was upstairs in the Potpourri Mall. In about 2007 it moved into its present location, next to the Abundant Life Worship Centre in downtown Slave Lake.

Dvornek says it took a change to the Education Act to pave the way for the change in location of the school. Before that, “we weren’t allowed to have it on our property,” she says.

The new home of Lakeside Outreach Shool, come the fall of 2020. The board has approved $200,000 for renovations to the Canyon Creek building at CJ Schurter School.

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