Leave those kids alone

Here’s an idea. If you have a beef with a municipal policy, don’t vent your frustrations on the teen-aged receptionists at a town-owned facility. They are just doing their jobs, as set down by decisions made by town council and assigned by senior management.

Questions of policy should be addressed to your elected representatives, who also don’t deserve to get yelled at.
How about this? After calming down, get yourself on a council meeting agenda and present your case as a delegate, soberly and reasonably. Leave the kids at the front desk alone.

There’s plenty to be frustrated about, of course. The so-called ‘Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) that the town has adopted for access to some of its facilities is okay – if a bit annoying – for those who have proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test. For those that don’t? A major obstacle that may leave them feeling like second-class citizens.

But of the two options open to the town, REP is the one that allows more people and broader use generally of the arena, pool, field house etc. The alternative is to be limited to 30 per cent capacity, or whatever the number is.

A third option, presumably, would be to shut everything down completely. But getting some use – not to mention some revenue – out of the facilities makes more sense. And keeping COVID from running rampant also makes more sense than the alternatives.

So that’s what puts us where we are.

Whatever one thinks, or believes, about the COVID pandemic and the legitimacy of efforts to combat it, one thing should be obvious. The kids at the front desk don’t deserve to be mistreated for it.

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