Legion raising funds for long-term care

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake Legion has earmarked $5,000 from the Poppy Fund for the Slave Lake long-term care. They are also accepting donations from community members and businesses until May 30, 2021.

One of the members brought the idea to the Legion board.

A Legion Facebook post dated April 23 says, “My dad is in long term care now at the SL hospital. He was the guy on the scooter 10 times a day rain or snow and right down the middle of the road (sorry). He has now lost the use of three of his limbs and most of his speech. I, as a lifetime community member had never set foot in the LTC; now going there at least three times a week and seeing the 20 people that spend most of their time in bed or wheelchairs, realize how very much that facility is lacking in items that will make the patients more comfortable or help pass the time and also help the staff manage their jobs more efficiently.”

Many of the long-term care residents can’t speak for themselves, so the families have to, says Slave Lake Legion president Beth McDonald. In the past, the Legion has fundraised for long-term care, but it has been a while. Getting more involved in this type of collaboration is something that the Legion hopes to do more often moving forward.

There is one, possibly two veterans living in long-term care at the moment, says McDonald. This means that the Poppy Fund money can be used for this purpose.

Recently, Poppy Fund money has gone toward four local scholarships and to Valour Place in Edmonton, which allows veterans and families of veterans to stay for free when they have medical treatment.

Funds raised will go towards the following wish list from long-term care: a Hoyer lift, over the bed tables, tables and chairs for the dining area, plexiglass for the reception desk, and an ice machine. What is purchased will depend on how much money is raised.

The Facebook post says “Hoyer lift: is used to get the patients in and out of beds, wheelchairs and baths. LTC has one and one being repaired. This is needed for 20 people, which means people sit longer in the same place waiting for it to become available when they need to be moved. Price range $5,000 – $11,000.”

The Legion will purchase the equipment through the Slave Lake Hospital Auxiliary.

The ice machine will be more convenient and sanitary than bags of ice in bowls, which is what is currently being used, says McDonald.

The Legion is accepting eTransfers to [email protected]

People can also send cheques payable to the Slave Lake Auxiliary. These can be mailed to the Legion at Box 786 Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0 with a note that they are for long-term care. A time to drop off cash or cheques can also be arranged by calling the Legion at 780-849-3769.

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