Lemonade and business plans

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Community Futures is getting involved with young people from Kindergarten to Grade 12, teaching them the basics of business in a program called Lemonade Day 2019.

Josh Friesen, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and with Community Futures says the program is essentially the set up of a lemonade stand and a program that walks children through the basics of running their own businesses.

Friesen says the program was recently done in Westlock with 150 kids participating.

“It was a huge success, and I think it is a great opportunity to get involved in.’’

Friesen says he has already reached out to the schools and to teachers who would help champion the project.

The project will cost $9,000 to start up, and that’s including the registration fee and one-time buy-in of $5,000.

Right now Community Futures is applying for grants towards funding.
The Lemonade Day is three days long over the span of two weeks. The children will come in for the primary program and get a backpack and their workbooks; they will then start working through their business plans.

The program hires mentors, and so Friesen decided to present the program to the Chamber board. He says it would be great to have chamber members help children as they go through the program, and help them create their business plan and bounce ideas off them. Community Futures hopes to run the program this fall.

The course will only be focusing on schools this year because it will be easier to gain control says, Friesen.

Westlock did the program allowing anyone and everyone who wanted to participate, so they had a reasonably large audience.

The program will be free for students if Community Futures can get funding for it.

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