Lessons learned in this year’s Christmas Craft Sale

To the Editor:

Although the Christmas craft sale this year can be considered a success, the amount that we are able to donate each year is chipped away by additional costs including the costs of renting the field house, the front area and next year the running track.

In addition, SLAEC had changed the rules of the Annual Craft Sale to limit home-based businesses to one of a type. We lost vendors over the change in this rule. As well, individual vendors are offering their own craft sale at the same time or close to ours which reduces our shoppers and vendors, hurting our efforts to raise money for this long-standing charity event. Next year, we will return to our previous guidelines to allow any vendor to join.

We urge our community to recognize that this is a charity event which benefits many in our town. This year, the Ukrainian Dance Troupe and the Cadets benefited as well as Slave Lake’s Santas Anonymous and Food Bank and SLAEC’s literacy program recipients.

It is our sincere hope that next year vendors and shoppers will rejoin us for this much needed charity event in our town.

We thank everyone for this year’s participation!

Karen Plourde and Donna Twin
Slave Lake Adult Education Committee

Slave Lake Adult Education Committee board member Marge Rennick, left, and Executive Director Karen Plourde, right, present Lisa Giroux of the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre with a pair of cheques of $1,877.60 each – one for Santas Anonymous and one for the Food Bank. Money was raised at the Nov. 15 & 16 Christmas Craft Sale.
Donna Twin of the Slave Lake Adult Education Committee (in white) presents a donation of $600 to the Slave Lake Ukrainian Cultural Society, represented (l. to r.) by Nadene Holloway, Nadine Owchar and Karen Dubreuil. The SLUCS helped out at the Christmas Craft Sale. So did the Cadets, who received a $700 donation.

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One thought on “Lessons learned in this year’s Christmas Craft Sale

  1. I cannot speak for other vendors, but I have found that this year sales have been down overall. It would be interesting to know what the attendance for the event was and if the attendance had gone up or down as compared to other years. Attendance should have been up as there was a hockey tournament the Saturday of the event.

    Perhaps a few things that need to be considered when planning this event. Parking has always been an issue, this becomes amplified when there are two events going on simultaneously. Timing, it felt like the event was a week too early as compared to other years. Pricing of entrance, maybe $5 is a little too much and it should be donation based, if it were, people would feel more comfortable giving what they could afford and spending more time at the event.

    The Christmas Craft Sale used to be more of a family event, there were activities for the children: gingerbread houses, face painting, ornament making etc. Trolleys would pass by offering coffee, tea and edible items for vendors and patrons. Now, it has become more of a shopping event rather than a family event. There is nothing for the kids to do, therefore it makes no sense to charge for kids to enter. If people did not have to, pay to get in, they would feel free to come in, mill around and see what is offered, they would spend the day. If there were things for the kids to make, the parents would pay for those activities if they were fun and something to give during the Christmas season. Perhaps we need to revisit the original intention of the Christmas Craft Sale.


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