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Apologizing ‘the best I can do now’

To the Editor:

Approximately 25 years ago I worked in Slave Lake at a job that I loved and was able to walk to work each day.

One really cold day in December as I was walking to work, I passed an elementary school when I heard very loud words coming from a van parked near the entrance to the school. I walked over to where the noise was coming from and saw an adult sitting behind the steering wheel, yelling at a precious little child sitting in the passenger seat.

I couldn’t tell the gender of the adult or the child, or what the adult was saying, as just then my glasses fogged up from the humidity from the lake and I couldn’t see. My hood was also up as it was so cold.

My thinking at the time was not to get involved. That was wrong. I know it would be different now.

What I want to do with this letter is to apologize to that precious little child who would now be about 30 years old. Or if someone reading this knows of the person or the incident, could you please show them this article? It is the best I can do now.

I hope that your life got better after that and you are prospering now.

Gwen L. Albert
Edmonton, Alberta

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