Letters To Santa: C.J. Schurter-Miss Pederson (Grade 2)

C.J. Schurter

Miss Pederson (Grade 2)

Dear Santa,
Hi, I am Mohamed. How are you I’m doing great how old are you? How are your reindeer? Wear is the North Pole? How much elves do you have? I have four peoiple in my family. I yoused to play soccer. I don’t have a dog or a cat. Did you go to school? I’m in grade two. How is Mrs. Clause doing? How is Rudolph doing Do you have a brother. How big is your slay? how big is your house? Do you go skating? I want a remot control car.

Dear Santa,
My name is Anthony. I am 8 years old and I am in grade 2. How is your elves doing today. My favorote part of Chrismas is bacin cuces and oping presints. And I like to play Hockey and I wont cuces. Is it cold in the north pol or is it suny. Pik SAanta yes or no. How is Rudolf the red nos rander?
Love, Anthony

Dear Santa,
My name is Gracie. I want to know how do you get into people’s houses when they don’t have a chimney? I love Santa XOXOXOXO
Love, Gracie

Dear Santa,
My name is Khloe. How is Rudolph and I am 7 years old. I am in grade 2. How mane ciooke should i put out? Are our elf good My favourit day is Christmas! Ple get me a holl box of Loc Doll and the littel Sister. Dont for get my sister i not shr what my sister wants. Do you livv in the North Pole? And I am excited! ple writ back. and dont for get my mom and dad.
Love, Khloe

Dear Santa,
Hi my is Jayla and I like Christmas and I like prasints and toys and stuff. I like toys and how are you and I am in dance and I can make you happy and I am 7 years old and I like dance and I like hot choclit and candey. I like to eat halthey foof samtimes. I like to play with toys and I wont a Numnoms chruck and Numnoms lip glose and Numnoms.
Love, Jayla

Dear Santa,
My name is Alex how are you doing I am excited for Christmas I am 7 years old how are your reindeer doing and elves to is it cold in the North Pole what kind of cookies do you want is it fun in the North Pole have you seen any poler bears how is Mrs. Claus doing santa idi you know that I am in grade 2 Santa I hope I get for Christmas is a laptop for Christmas and a Nerf gun it has a stand on the bottom of it I want those for Christmas pleas and thank you how is rudolph do you want chocklet chip cookies I will put carrots for your reindeer goodbye Santa dear Santa.
Love, Alex

Dear Santa,
My name is Summer. How is Frisbee? How are you. How is Mrs. Clause. How are the reindeer. Do you have enee pets. How old are you How is Rudolph. What is your favorite color.
Love, Summer

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Rokan. I’m 7 years old How are you. I’m doing great. How is your elfs and reindeer. Is it hard to go around the world in one night? How many elfs do you have? for Christmas I want Lego five nights at freddies toy and a chromebook, How id Rudolph. My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas morning. What is your favrite cookie?
Love, Roken

Dear Santa,
My name is Jacob. I am 7 years old. Can I have a Hot Wheels set the smaching one. How is the reindeers doing? A cash regstr for Christmas.
Love, Jacob

To Santa,
Santa how is Mrs. Clause? My name is Christiaan and the reindeer? Santa can you ples get me a Crombook and a thomas dorap master blue montin cory ples rite back
From Christiann

Dear Santa,
This is Carter. I am 7 years old. I am in grad 2. I like hocke. How are the reindeer. What tip of cookeys do yuo like, Reese or chocklet chepe. My favorite part of Christmas is unrapping presents.
From Carter

Dear Santa,
My name is Evelyn. Wou is the elves? I am 7 yeas old. I am tenning 8 for Christmas. I wanding if Im on the nice list I would like a Ipod and a sum Lego too. I wanding if Rudolph like caerits? I was 6 las yeas. I love Christmas do you? Wou Mrs. Clause.
Love, Evelyn

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Kamora. How are you? How is Mrs. Clause? Are you mare? I am 7.
Love Kamora

Dear Santa,
My name is Paxton. Elves how hard is it to make toys. Reindeer how eaz is it to pull the sled. Santa how hard is it to doliver peressens. Im 7 years old. I want a weener dog.
Love, Paxton

Daer Santa,
My name is Hadley. I am 7 years old. And I am excited for Christmas. Befor Christmas I am terning 8. 1 thing I want for Christmas JOJ, SBox and more heeles too. What is your favit cind of cooks, can you ples get me LOLs dolls and a doll school set. And the wering out acwitmit doll stuff. How is the North Pole I no that you are niycs. I love you santa, Have a good day today. Mary Christmas Santa.

Dear Santa,
My name is Ansen. How is Dashr? How is the elves? How old are you and Mrs. Clause. I am 7 years old. I am rile excited for Christmas. Are you sending salle soon? I hope I get an Ipad 8. How mene polr rear have you sen? How is it up North.
Love, Ansen

Dear Sana,
My name is Connor. I am 7 years old. I am in grade 2. How is Rudolph. My favourite move is the Pollar Express. My favourite color is orange. My favourite food is Pizza. My birthday is August 23. I have a pet. How is your reindeer. I like to play hockey. How old are you. My favourite animal is a dog. I hope I get hockey cards and a Oilers jersey. A snowball game.
Love, Connor

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Jordan. How are your elves? What is your favrit cookie how old are you Im 7 years old what is your favrit thing to do im asking for a googl home mimi and a new puppy how meny elves do you have im so excited for Christmas. What is it like in North Pole I want a ives card. I hope Christmas is not cold.
Love, Jordan

Dear Santa,
My name is Mya. I am 7 years old. How are you? I am in grade 2. How are your reindeer? Am I on the notie list? How are your elves? What is the weather like there? How is Mrs. Claus? When is your birthday? What kind of cookies do you want me to leave out for you? Do you want chockolet milk or radyonler milk? I want healies for Christmas. and Len the Amarakin girl doll with Isabel and Grace.
Love, Mya

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