Letters To Santa: C.J. Schurter-Mr. Fine (Grade 3)

C.J. Schurter

Mr. Fine (Grade 3)

Dear Sarto,
How is Rudolph? How are you and Mrs. clas? HOw are the elves? I Wouid like a Hatchmals playset and an ipold and a gecko. I think I am on the good list becouse I’m nice to everyon I meet. I hope you have a nice trip. around the world. Ill leave out some milk anange too.
Love Khloe

Dear Santa,
How are things in thos North Pole? Haw are things with Mrs cla and you? I hope you are doing fine. I am going to the church to wantch my sister and when I want to go home she can stay with the Pasor. I think I am on the nice list becaus I would love a mini quad want and a skidoo for christm
Sincerely Rickelle

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa! I like you santa Hi Rudolph and Hi reindeer And Hi Frosty the snowman! HI Mrs. Claus. Hi elf! How are you Doing at the North Pole? Youi elf is makeing some toys! And I Love your canby canes and I Love your Hot Chocolate I like a quad and LoL Big Sister Baby and a LoL Baby Pet and a Pusheen toy and a cookies and a Hot Choclate and a candy canes like a kitten and money and a IPad and a puppy I think I am on the nice list because am Helpful can you make me a famous You tube can You Get Roblox and five me an elf! and give me Robuck! and give me roller blodes Pink and give me a rabbit
Your Friend Nikki

Dear Santa,
I am really excited for Christmas. Do you get dizzy when you ride your sled? Thank you for last years present. I went swimming I really wnat a Xbox one also a tablet and a nerf gun. thats all I want. I think ill get oreos for you. I hope you and me have the best Christmas EVER!!
your friend Jaydon

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I will like a pSy and wwe 2k18 video game. Even a 2k1 hokey game. hey Santa what do you have in your Black Belt and how do you even make the raindeer Fly? thanks For those things last year they Where the Best. And For christmas I wuid like a Drone and dit can Fly ever where and I will even like a Jak paul shirt. Merry christmas oh wait I bet your Favourite Book is the night Be For chiristmas.
From you dear Firend Lucas

Dear Santa,
Hi Big guy. How are you Doing. What is your Dads names What tipe of cookes Do you What? Can I Please have a huver Bord! two of them one for my dad’s and one for my mom’s Please can I have a new TV for at my mom’s Please and thaong you. Can I have a kitten that Duss not pee on the carpet.
Love Olivia

Dear Santa,
I know you are busy so I’ll be sure to make it short. if that’s ok. I have want some thing I would like to have a PS4 a nintendo switch and call of Duty Remasterd. I hope you have a awesome Christmas
Sincerely Dawson

ola Santa,
Iv allwese wanted to khow how your doing? I want a PS4 and a mearch sweter and a mintondo switch. You can make my day and my hart so big I love you You are my Favorite You mak my Year.
my friend Landon

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa, how are you doing? What do you like to do for fun? I like to have Nerf wars with my cousins outside. Thank you for my XBox One you got me last year. I like playing it and the games too. I think I am on the nice list this year, becuase I help my friends do their work, and I do dishes at home with my brother. This yer for Christmas, I would like Assassin’s Creed blades and a computer and Halo 5 please. Fly safe on Christmas Eve! I hope you like Chocolate chip cookies!
Your friend Chase

Dear Santa,
How’s your day going? I loved that Rudolph inflatable. But it broke. So by the way, I want a ipad iphone and some robux and a elf on a shelf and a hoverboard please and thank you. I hope you like my decoratons and our tree. I always believe that your real! Thanks for the presents! Have a awesome day. And I hope you like the cookies and milk and I will leave carrots too. Bye!
your friend Gavin

Dear Santa,
Thanks if your reading this if your the Grinch stop reading this but if your Santa I care about my fiends and family! Can I get please a ps4 and the hover board you stand on and stephen curry jerzie? how is your elfs and how is Rudolph an frosty the snowman? Have a nice day!
your friend Gabriel

Dear Bigred,
I think your busy. so can I have car it and orng, pare of sock and A nintendo swich that comes with mario odlysssey To make a long story short.
from Liam

Dear Santa,
I am sure you are busy but I wanted to send you a little letter. I have some quistoin’s for you. HOw is mrs. Clause doing? HOw do you remember all your reinndeer’s name’s? HOw do you eat all the cookies in one night? How old are you? How old is your suit? How old is your sleigh? How old are your reindeer? Do your reinndeer eat apples or carrots? OK I think I am on the nice list because I’m nice. Am I on the nice list? I dont believe in you because I don’t get presents but if you are real please write me back. If your real can I have a sled?
best wish’s Jaimison

Dear Santa,
Happy Holidays. For Christmas I would like a skatbord please. Do you like my christmas tree? Santa you are my favourti. Santa can you bring me a Wayne Gretzky jursy. Can you also bring me a Quad. Santa what is your raindeers names? Can you bring me an iphone 8? What is your elves names. You are very handsome. You are my favourti.
Sincerely Anayiah

Dear Santa,
Ola Santa! How are your elves? They are very cute. Your wife Mrs.Claus is very Buitiful. And you are very handsome and weare leving you a key on the door. Oh I almost forgot about a gift the first thing I wold lik is a scoter that lites up on the botom. The sekined thing is a puppy. thak you your the Best!

Dear Santa,
how are the deers ate the north pole. How do you make your sled fly. HOw do you get trou the chimne. For chrismas I want a drone with a camera to spy on my sister.

dear Santa,
dl you like oindethe real houses! I love Shristmas. Can I Please have some maple surup? How’s lvtin doing? May I have alot of present’s? Can I have lego marvel super heroes 2? I love the end on tv when you drink coke. Is It hard being santa? I have been very good this year.
love Justin

Dear Santa,
Did you like the mil me last year. This year will give you strawberry milk. How is mrs claus.I wood lik a drit bike if thare is no rook in the live aroom jost pat it out side. Santa How are your elfs they wher awesome last year. Do you have a cat or dog.
Love Camden

Dear Santa,
I know you are busy But I am going to write you a letter so you have a idea what I want for Christmas. I will ask you some quetions too. HOw are you and Mrs. Claws doing? I think I’m on the nice list because I respect others. I’m hoping to get a thunder hockey bag!
Sincerely, Tayla

Dear Santa,
Santa how are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I was wanting to know if you had a great Christmas last year? I hope you did becuase I did! Last Christmas when I wroe you that letter di you like what I said in it? I liked the letter you gave me! I feel like I’m on the nice because I respect others and I’m kind! Thees are some thing I would hoverbord, echen sketch and Fake nails! for chrismas this year I think I’ll give you chocolate chip cookies have a great christmas this year
Lincerely Kylie

Dear Santa,
How is Mrs Claus and the reindeer? Is your Christmas tree allways up? How is Relph? Hse Mrs. Claus made any cookes? Can I have some Star Wars lego please? And a hover bord please? Your are so handsome and Mrs. Clause is prety.
from Connor

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