Letters To Santa: C.J. Schurter-Mrs. Deputat (Grade 2)

C.J. Schurter

Mrs. Deputat (Grade 2)

Dear Santa,
I love Christmas! My fafrit part of Christmas is Super. Why do you heed reindeer. how do you have so much presis, wut I wont for christma is a aam Slime.
From, Ayiza

Dear Santa,
i want a big lego box. and it as goo Peese. for chismis and i want puchin bag. i want a xbox one. and i want to nerf guns. and i want pokemon
From, Carlos

Dear Santa,
how many cookies do you eat. I thik santa want is a aesfoant and why ruedof calld ruedof?
From, Olivia

Dear Santa,
How are you Santa? How may cookies do you want? I love chritmas. How is the weather in north pole? I want a drown please.
From, Alan

Dear Santa,
How are you? merry Christmas. How is the weather in the North Pole? I hop you have good christmos. how many cookies do you want. I wont a puch bag. have a good christmos.
From, Drake

Dear Santa,
My name is Aurora. So how are the reindeer doin So How many cooies do you want? So I want a xbox pleease pleease thank you so much
From, Aurora

Dear Santa,
My name is Layne. What do you do during hte day? how is roudot the Red nose reinder doing. and Missis Cluais. I wont a Nerf gun.
From, Layne

Dear Santa,
I would like a Finglin and some Scats please and a poopemogil pelow. how do you make it to everbody in one nitgh? What is your favit cookie? how many elves do you have please write me back
From, Rue

Dear Santa,
I would like a Hatchamo and a flipazoo and some petshops petshops. Please and thank you Santa. how do you make presinst’s and how do you make it all aroung the wrld I like christmas.
From, Taylor

Dear Santa,
How many cookies do you want. My name is Eli Santa is nis. What do you do during your day? How are you? Mrs. Claus
From, Eli

Dear Santa,
My name is Neisha. What do you do during your day? How are you Doing Mrs claus. Reindeer elves. How many cookies do you want? How is the weather in the North Ploe? May i have a giant Flip azoo Please. and a Tiger that Rores scary Doll toy freddy Bonny cica Foxy and a hachamal that comes with tow more hachamle But soft ones
From, Neisha

Dear Santa:
How mutch cares do you eat in a day! My name is Chase. HOw do you dliver presisint to the pepol al over the wrold? cod I please have a Dome cod it be blue. It wuse nis riying to you.
From, Chase S.

Dear Santa,
do you like to eat cookes and milk. Kood you Please give me a ifon. do you like ppezints? Kood I eles have a 10000000000000 dolrs. Kood I Plese have a goorolfrend. do you like kids? You ar the best. and I Please have a lizpd.
From, Owen

Dear Santa,
I love christmas! My fafrit Part of christmas is Super. why do you need reindeer. how do you have so much Presis. Wut I wont for christmas is a huverbod.
From Peyton

Dear Santa,
I love Shristmas my name is Melody I want is pokemen santa you is tree cokies is yu I love you a love christmas.
From, Melody

Dear Santa,
Please can I have a Robot bunny please! I hope you a Merry Christmas!
From, Faith

Dear Santa,
My name is Kylee. howe are you Santa. HOw meny cookies bo you Want. I would lkike a perfarit pleas and thak you.
From, Kylee

Dear Santa,
What do you do Santa is it sohwing? How Do you Go to the house is it
From, Alannah

Dear Santa,
Can I have presents? How are you Santa? Can I have cars?
From Zion

Dear Santa,
I hope you are having a great winter so far. I have a very sweet boy in my class named Ethan Gable. He loves music and animals. He also love to be read to. I’m not sure what he wants for Chrismas but whatever you bring I’m sure he will like. Have a Merry Christmas!
From, Mrs. Deputat

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