Letters To Santa: C.J. Schurter-Mrs. Fisk (Kindergarten)

C.J. Schurter

Mrs. Fisk (Kindergarten)

Dear Santa,
Is your elves doing good? How are the toys? Could I have a Minecraft?
Love Cain

Dear Santa,
How is it going at the North Pole? You are the best at making toys for kids. I want a Lego jail set for Christmas.
Love, Caleb

Dear Santa,
How do they make the toys? I want to get the new Star Wars game.
Love, Cash

Dear Santa.
How’s the North Pole. Can I have a new dress?
Love Payton

Dear Santa,
How are you doing there? How are the presents coming? Can I please have a Paw Patrol tower?
Love, Dane

Dear Santa,
How are the toys doing? How are you doing, Santa? Can I have an alien robot for Christmas?
Love, Emery

Dear Santa,
Why do you bring presents to all children? For Christmas I want a Barbie house and bubblegum.
Love Janara

Dear Santa,
Helo, how are you? For Christmas I want a toy school bus. Are your reindeer locked up in the shed and you have the key?
Love, Levi

Dear Santa,
Hello, Santa, what are you doing at your workshop? For Christmas I would like an IPad please! Thank you!
Love, Ariel

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Are the reindeers good? I like a Evee for Christmas.
Love, Fen

Dear Santa,
Can you tell if we are naughty or nice? I want a make-up table and a Hatchimal.
Love, Hayley

Dear Santa,
How is the North Pole? How healthy is the reindeer? I want a Bey Blade and a bell.
Love, Kaleb

Dear Santa,
I want a puppy. Did You have fun today?
Love, Katie

Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer doing? I want a Zooma Horse.
Love, Kendra

Dear Santa,
Are the elves making the toys? Can I have a remote control truck?
Love, Marrcus

Dear Santa,
How are the elves going with the toys? Are you having a good day? can I have a toy fishing rod?
Love, Oliver

Dear Santa,
Can I have some toys please? Are the reindeer going to bring the toys?
Love, Kylee

Dear Santa,
Why does it snow in the North Pole? Can I have a toy TV please?
Love, Eliana

Dear Santa,
How do your reindeer fly? I want a blue weapper on my present. Can I have a blue Power Ranger?
Love, Carter

Dear Santa,
What is your favorite color? How are the toys? Can I have an American Christmas Girl Doll?
Love, Madison

Dear Santa,
Are you having a great day? How is the reindeers? I love Santa! I want a Flip a Zoo for Christmas. I really, really like you.
Love Danica

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