Letters To Santa: C.J. Schurter-Mrs. Klyne (Grade 3)

C.J. Schurter

Mrs. Klyne (Grade 3)

Dear Santa,
I am in greade 3 this year i like to play Roblox an I will put the cookie and milk I love you and the milk will be good and the cookie will be good.

My dearest Santa,
How are you? I am fine. I would love to help you!! Please say hi to mrs,claus and rudolph for me. For christmas i would like a ipad. Please give a gift to every kid. Thank you for gift last year! Your are the best because you deliver presents to every kid! And i would also like a ds for christmas. Please say hi to the elves for me.
Sincerely Talus

Dear Santa,
I went to Wonderland with mommy and John. I saw you there playing with the bells. How are all your elves doing? Do you play with them? I was playing with little oarnge punching things and I was running. How are you doing? I would like a keyboard for Christmas! I would like an ipad with a breaking glass game. I want a big box of Christmas lights. I am going to get some cookies and milk for you. I hope you have a safe journey!
Love Blaze

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a good christmas thes year. How are the elts doing in the workshop? If you don’t get me the toys that I won’t it is ok. Im good for what I get. Nouy hears what i woot. Can I get me call of duty if you can?
Fram Brady

Dear Santa,
How do you stay up all night giving out presents all night going around the world? Santa can I please have a DS with some games pleas. Do you have a baby reindeer. How is Mrs Claus. Is it snowy at the North Pole.
Love Creig

Dear Santa,
How are you in the North Pole. How are the elves are they Good. cna you get me a bean bag chair and a hoverboard? I hope I’m On the naughty list.how are the reindeers?is it hard to give all the presents in 1 night?
From collin

Hi Santa,
I am going to talk with you for a minute. I wonder) how are the little elves doing? Can you say Hi to them for me) and The reindeer’s too? I wish I Could come to the north Pole to help you in the North Pole.NOw I am going to talk with you about what I will Want for Christmas is a ipod 5 and the color pink and I have a dog)It is a girl. She want’s a jacket for her.Now you could pick a presents for me. You are gonna love my cookies.
Love Kayleigh

Dear Santa,
How is Rudolph? When do you get present? How is Mrs. Claus?How old are you? Is the Grinch on naughty list or the good list? I have been a good boy. I would like a iphone 6 for Christmas. Have a good Christmas.
From Kaden

Dear Santa,
How are you Did you have a good summer How is Mrs. Claus? Santa thanks for the sled last year. I’m eight years old and I’m in grade three this year.I’m in ballet and jazz. Do you know where the grinch lives? Please tell me once you write back. I will be celebrating Christmas at my house. May I please have a guinea pig. I will give you some cookies and milk and some carrots for the reindeer. I hope you have a great Christmas. Happy Holidays!
Love Lexy

Dear Santa,
How is rudolph doing? I wish I can come to the North Pole! Is the crinch on the naughty list? HOw are your elves doing and how are you doing at the North pole? Can I have a ipad I am wishing for that and my brother can have my old ipad.
Love Ada

Dear Santa,
I hope you like my cookies and milk. Who is on the naughty list?Did one of the elf’s ever give you a present befor? We’ll if I wasn and elf I Would. Becuase you give other people things. The elf spend more time making presents for kids then spending time with you and making you a present. I really want to meet you and the reindeer to and Mrs Claus and The elf’s. This is my favorite season. Becuase I can spend time with my family.For Christmas can you please get me a kitten or puppy and some cloths and toys?
From Shelbi

Dear Santa,
How are you doing in the north pole? I would like to know like to know how Frs. Claus the elves and reindeer are doing. thank you for the train Set’s form 2 years ago!Now i would like to start my list for christmas. I don’t have much though. I would like a ipad, big lol goll and small lol’s to and the big big big gold lol doll. I would like some pick me pops please. That is about it.By the way i am leaving sugar cookies for you.ibet no kid has ever asked you this question before.have you been to puerto rico? any way i should let you work for the big day! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Ps i am leaving carrots for the reindeer don’t tell them! Pps my teacher is making the classroom elf prof!
From Oshyn

Dear Santa,
How is your Elves doingI hoe that they are doing god Now I am going to tell you wot I want for a crobook adn I won’t a reborn doll I want a book to I want a sweater for my dog and I want some sock for my dog Can I have some stufes for me to and can I have some sweets for my brother. God by Santa
Love Amy

Dear Santa,
Do you have a Christmas tree? Do you have Christmas lights? How is Mrs. Claus? What is your phone number? How are the reindeer? Do you know the Grinch? You are really nice. Mrs. Claus is lucky to be your wife. I love the present you give me every year. How was your holiday? Do you have anutcracker? What i want for Christmas is a neckless. Merry Christmas.
Love Sundra

Dear Santa,
Do you have chrismas tree? How or the elv,s?Ibet you like candy canes so do i.I hope you had a grat summer.For christmas i would like a ps4.I hope you have a fr would like at christmas.qs. For the qs4 iunchurd4. Ho ho ho.
Love Ayen

Dear Santa,
Hi!How are you doing?I tried really hard to be good this year!Please say hi to Mrs.Claus and the elves!How is your family? And how are you? For Christmas I would like a crayola crayon and marker maker!The second thing I would like a few pokemon sets.For my fourth thing I would like a 3DS, one that comes with super mario cart please and thank you!For my fifth, sixth and mabey seventh things I do not sure!You probably know!Merry Christmas! P.S. you could maybe give me a chromebook!
Love Milos

Dear Santa,
How are you? It is nice to take to you! I want to thank you for the dirt bike lat year! How is Rudolph doing? I hope you are having a lot of fun in the North pole! And how are your elves doing? I bet they are working hard? I wish I could see you one day! And one of the things I just want is my family and a Xbox one. P.S. Marrey Xmas
From Anthony

Your are the nisest praon on earth and Mrs. Claus+ the elves and randeer. Did Mrs Claus make that coat for you? I love it so much for Christmas I wold pleaes like 2 games pie faes and wet head pleaes. If you want to give me a littol more presentes thats ok you want. I just wanted to tell you that. I hope you get to the North Poll safly. Have a great night.
Love Jessica

Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Clause is she making and chreets? Did you like your Collkies last year?Would you like ginger snaps? Am I on the good list or the bad list this year? I would like you to get Rhian a elf on the shelf, and Kenzie would like a kitchen set. I would like an ipod. I hope you have a good year!
Love Emma!

Dear Santa,
I hope you had a great summer break. I bin a great boy this year. HOw is mrs claus and rudolph? I will be a great helpler with Your elf And feed rudolph. I promise I will get you the greatest cooks in the World and milk I will get yo the christmas and one more thing Can you please bring lego for me?
Love, Raiden

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