Letters To Santa: Kinuso School-Mrs. Yaro (Grade 6)

Kinuso School

Mrs. Yaro (Grade 6)

Dear Santa Claus
How is everything in the North Pole? How are your reindeer? Are they happy, healthy and good? How Mrs. Claus? I hope your all happy and working hard. For Christmas I want a basketball net and a ball. how are your Elfs? Do you play any fun gane in the North Pole? One more thing can I get a remote control car and thats all. Bye. p.s. get lots of Rest before Christmas
Love Keyana

Dear Santa
Please tell me, Do you have an elf named Elvis? All I want for Christmas is to know the answer.
From Kali

Dear Santa
Hey santa how is it down in the North Pole? Is it cold down in the North Pole? How is the reindeer with the red nose doing? Is the red nose reindeer ready for some flying? How is Mrs. Claus doing and does she help the elves in the toy shop? How is Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen doing? Oh, and can’t for get Rudolph? Santa all I want for Christmas is a hover board and a ultimate sauce kit and oilers hockey tickets – 5 to be exact. If you can do that for me, that would be great!! P.S. Don’t tell mom that I want a hover board. P.S Do u suntan a lot?
Sincerely, Reed

Dear Santa
How are the reindeer and the elves? How’s Mrs Claus? I would like an iPhone 6 and 50 dollar PlayStation cards, please.
Thank you, Matthew

Dear Santa
Hi Santa. How are you doing up in the North Pole? Are you and Mrs Claus doing? Good, I hope. Are you ready for Christmas? I was wondering how all of the reindeer are. Is your sleigh all ready for the big trip. I hope the other reindeer are not bugging Rudolph. Im doing just fine down here. I was wondering if you could get me an Ultimate Sauce Kit and a Bauer Vapor Tgrip 40 flex and if you can get that, it would be great.
Sincerely, Blake

Dear Santa Claus
How are you doing? Do you still like cookies and milk? Are the reindeer ok? Is Mrs Claus doing good? how are the elves doing? What I would like for Christmas is a flip a zoo: dragon flips into unicorn, 10 squishy’s, stretch pants, slime kit: good quality, putty, roast beef, and a Fluffy slime kit. P.S. Get lots of rest
Love, Jaliza

Dear Santa
How are you? I will make sire that I will put cookies and milk out for you. I hope you stay safe on December 25. I would love to get new black shoes. The shoe brand I want is Converse. Oh yah, one more. I love sweaters. May I please get 3 of them? Don’t tell my mom. She says I have too many. P.S. Have a Merry Christmas
Love, Danae

Dear Santa,
How are you doing in the North Pole? How is Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen? How is Rudolph doing? Are the reindeer all helathy and ready to fly on Christmas Eve? What is your favorite cookie? I would like a hockey mystery box and an Auston Matthews Rookie card and a Warrior hockey stick, please. If you could that’s great.
From, Luke

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