Letters To Santa: Kinuso School-Ms. Gale (Grade 4)

Kinuso School

Ms. Gale (Grade 4)

Dear Santa,
Can i have a remot cancherol car plese. A Nintando swich plese, some sox to plese Hawe do you make so muth presents. Mary Mary crasmas. I want a phone, Maknakol Bole, A rop, scooter, A pony.
Love, Laxon

Dear Santa,
I don’t need ene sutff for christmas Santa you know my family fites I want one thing for christmas is my family I don’t care if my mail go’s in the News I just won’t my family I miss my family. I wod do ene thing.
Love, Kristy

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? I would like an ipod Please or a bareback riggin please. Marry Christmas santa. I really really wont a pony or a mechanical horse. have a good Christmas.
Love, Kayden

Dear Santa,
I love Christmas so much becuaes you get to see your family and presants So for christmas I wont slime and pokemon Also a quod and spcord for a taBlet and a tramploine The end Have a Happy Chrismas Santa
Love, Alycia

Dear Santa,
I want a phone. I don’t care what kind, just any phone and a new gamem its called starwars. I want a Mario Teddy.
Love, Ryder

Dear Santa,
I want a phone and a headset and a new Trampolein and a new game.
Love, Talon

Dear Santa,
Hello santa how re you doing? How is snowball? Do you have any cats or any other animals besides showball? Santa what I would like for christmas earing, esy bake oven, movies and a fuzzy blanket please and thank you for bringing me presents every year.
Love, Lilly

Dear Santa,
How is ms claus doing hope she’s doin good. Can I have thomas Rhett’s new cd, game boy, squishing laptop slimer my family to come together, wonderg national geographic, ds.
Love, Gracie

Dear Santa,
Hello how are you, the elfs, snowball, the rainbeer and miss. claus? This year I would like a Hoverbourd, a puppy, a house, IPhone 8+, Thakyou for all the presents evey year.
Love Katiya

Dear Santa,
Hi how are you doing? This year I have bin trying to be good. I am so exited for christmas! Santa I hope you can get me a glass ballerina and i want to spen christmas with Boxy, thakyou for listening.
Love Alyssa

Dear Santa,
I would like a hoverbord, a pony and a kitty. How are you doing. How much presints do you Give.
Love, Hayden

Dear Santa,
I will be down Eaust for christmas. Can i pleas get me gtap for pS4 for chrismas. Can you pleas get me a iphone 8+ for christmas. Can you pleas get me a Big tv for christmas. Can you pleas get me a ps4 and my own gun chyler and gold hedphones for chishmas.
Love, Gage


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