Letters To Santa: Smith School-Ms. Jeffries (Kindergarten)

Smith School

Ms. Jeffries (Kindergarten)

Dear Santa,
How many reinbeer bo you hav. For Christmas I would a remote T-Rex.
From, Luka

Dear Santa,
How sunny is it there? Coul you bring me an oil tuucks Betttuk
From, Austin

Dear Santa,
How do you get to round the world I would like a batmanrob t.
From, Kasper

Dear Santa,
How Many reinbeer bu you naven. For Christmas I woulb like a bblg jeep.
From, Jacob

Dear Santa,
How snowy is it there? Could you bring me a toy monster truck?
From Luke

Dear Santa,
Why do you have a lng beard? I would like a robot dinosaur
From, Konnor

Dear Santa,
How cold is it there? I would like 200 dinosours
From, Aaron

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like pow Potrol pirllane.
From, Taylor

Dear Santa,
How Do the eelves fly? For Chriktmas i would like a new doll.
From, Maddi
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a costume
From, Jayden

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a mini qad
From, Kolby

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