Letters To Santa: St. Mary of the Lake-Mrs. Gallant (Kindergarten)

St. Mary of the Lake

Mrs. Gallant (Kindergarten)

Dear Santa,
Christmas house outside. Mommy, Papa, Hampsters. All of the presents are good.
Love, James

Dear Santa,
Hi, can I please see your elves? Can I please have a BB gun abd a basketball hoop?
Love, Noah

Dear Santa,
I want a toy gun from the store in Westlock. I would also like a tractor. What do polar bears do in the winter at the North Pole? I want gum, too.
Love, Micah

Dear Santa,
I would like dragon this Christmas. It is not scary, it is a toy. I have been good and it’s really fun. I also like snowman toys.
Love, Kwame

Dear Santa,
I want crayons and a toy kitty that is not scary. I just want a toy Elsa and Anna.
Love, Ray-lynn

Dear Santa,
Could I have a robot toy kitty and make it really fun. How are you? I like lipgloss too.
Love, Luna

Dear Santa,
I would like a snoball and a tree.
Love, Kaylyn

Dear Santa,
Can I Have a toy train and a lazer gun and a truck and a ship and a tractor?
Love, Vincent

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