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Open letter to the Minister of Transport; What’s the plan?

Dear Honorable Minister McIver

The Town of Slave Lake is located 267km north of Edmonton. I highlight this in case it is unknown where we are located, or that highways extend north of Edmonton.

Over the past couple of years we have expressed our frustrations in regards to the provincial highways around our community. These include Highway 44 to the south, Highway 2 to the west, and Highway 88 to the north.

While I recognize the province is exercising fiscal restraint, it is my understanding as a province that safety is still a priority.

It is also my understanding as a province we will continue to maintain the infrastructure we have.

We have been seeking clarification from both the staff within Transportation as well as our MLA. Neither one at this point is able to give any indication on when our concerns will be addressed.

There are literally thousands of potholes on this stretch of highway. There are also issues with our bridges and rail crossings. In some areas there is no more white line on the edge of the highway as the edge of the highway no longer exists.

We are extremely concerned for the safety of our residents and the people who travel through this region. We would like answers to the following questions in a timely manner.

  1. What is the formula your ministry uses to evaluate road conditions throughout the province?
  2. Based on that formula or process, what is the current condition of the highway infrastructure in our area?
  3. When is capital replacement planned for the highways in our region?
  4. What is planned to maintain this infrastructure between now and the time that significant capital replacement or investment is planned?

We invite the Ministry to come to our region to tour our roads and see them up close. Additionally we would like an opportunity to meet with your ministry to discuss the answers to these questions.

Please let us know your soonest availability and for the safety of our residents we would appreciate a quick response to the questions listed above.

Tyler Warman
Mayor of Slave Lake

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