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A word in support of Alberta doctors

To the Editor:

I am so sick and tired of hearing the same excuse when Jason Kenney or his ministers announce cutbacks that will result in job losses, using the same old excuse, ‘compared to other provinces we are overpaid or overstaffed………….,’ (fill in the blank).

So what? Since when did we have to comparing ourselves to other provinces?

Isn’t that the uniqueness of Canada, that we are made up of many provinces or territories that follow their own guidelines to fit our needs?

Maybe if he respected and didn’t compare to other provinces we might be able to retain doctors in this province, especially in rural and northern Alberta, instead of spending thousands of dollars in signing bonuses to attract doctors from other parts of the world.

What an insult to Alberta doctors to suggest they are abusing the system by billing extra time seeing patients. It takes many years of education and hundreds of thousands of dollars, with possible student loans at the end, in order to become a doctor. What gives him the right to insult their intelligence?

How much education and money did it take Jason Kenney or any of his ministers to get into the positions they hold?

We are an aging population who often need extra time with our doctor.
I for one appreciate the fact that my doctor doesn’t rush me in and out as soon as possible. I can relate my concerns and ask about my medications comfortably. I am sure most Albertans feel the same way.

Jason Kenney or the Minister of Health should get out of their ivory tower and visit some rural doctors and then they would maybe change their tune.

Janet Parks
Slave Lake, AB

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