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Alberta should get its infrastructure in order

To the Editor:

I am writing this from the waiting area of my local tire shop while I wait to get a new front passenger tire and rim. I see that recently the Kenney government tabled the so-called Critical Infrastructure Defense Act. This bill could jail those who attempt to protest pipeline activities on site or blockade railroads.

The intention of this bill is to keep provincial resources moving smoothly around our province and out to market without the challenge of dealing with protestors. As this bill was tabled, our local MLA Pat Rehn surely banged his hand on his desk in gleeful partisan enthusiasm.

I wonder if this government recognizes human labour as a valuable resource in Alberta.

Do they place any value on the infrastructure that allows our workforce and our products to be mobile in the Slave Lake area?

If a citizen (or a load of logs for that matter) is trying to get to and from work around Slave Lake and has to dodge a series of potholes, replace springs and tires at an irregularly high rate, cannot see the lines on the highways due to fading and has to seasonally be re-routed because of bridge wash-outs, is the provincial government any less culpable at killing our resource mobility than a group of protestors camped out on a railroad track?

My suggestion is that the UCP government makes sure they have their abandoned house of decaying infrastructure in order before they even attempt to implant tyrannical anti-protest laws on the citizens who are merely trying to make their voices heard.

You can’t be mad at constipated infrastructure at the hands of your constituents, when your own short-sighted ideology of destruction has them in the tire shop instead of at work.

Andrea Tarkov
Slave Lake

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