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To the Town of Slave Lake, on recycling

To the Editor:

Re: September 15 council meeting

Slave Lakers want to recycle! In the community survey last year, I was pleased, humbled, and very impressed to see that 66 per cent of Slave Lakers don’t want to give up our recycle pick up, or our community recycle depot near the airport. I was preparing to make some compromises on one or the other, but evidently our community is steadfast, and continues to want both!

Recycling, especially plastics recycling, is suffering around the world. Since China, and then other countries in Asia stopped taking our recycling a couple of years ago, the status quo is changing, and different types of recycling efforts are ramping up. For example, Precious Plastics started DIY plastics recycling back in 2012, and since then, hundreds of companies have formed around the world doing local plastics recycling.

It’s our money … all recycling is charged back to Slave Lakers, so why is council questioning this? Just because local markets for post-consumer resources are down at the moment, it’s no excuse to give up on saving our precious resources, especially the non-renewable ones. We are living in dynamic, changing times, and with local efforts like InterPipeline’s partnership with NAIT to support plastics recycling, post consumer prices won’t be down for long.

Please reconsider axing recycling as a ‘cost saving’ measure, because we want to keep going.

In friendship,

Jule Asterisk
Slave Lake, AB

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