Letters to the Editor – from Andrew Maddex

Outraged at the neglect and abuse of trees in Slave Lake

To the Editor:

This is addressed to future generations. While I wait for answers that are never coming regarding the destruction of trees around the town office, I will give you a brief history lesson.

When I first came to Slave Lake amenities were few. Dust and mud were the order of the day. I do not remember many trees on Main Street. Over time we acquired some small parks and some larger ones. Someone with vision decided to beautify Main Street. Many trees were planted. Grass was planted on boulevards, sidewalks were bricked and it was beautiful.

When the town office was built, on the site it is now, landscaping was done to match that of Main Street. In 2011 everything burned, but it was replaced the same. In 2020 most of the trees around the town office were destroyed by a person we pay to maintain and care for them. I am outraged!

At one point the town attempted to sell off park spaces. They had sold one before the public became aware. I spoke up. Most were saved, but required a valiant effort from one neighbourhood in the southeast. (In) the fall of 2019, the town decided they were not going to plow the Allarie Trails in town. I spoke up. The trails were kept open.

Over the years, due to neglect and abuse, more elm trees are now in poor health. Subsequent parks directors and town councils have totally ignored pleas to maintain the trees.

By the time all of the beauty is eroded away, it will no longer matter to me. On behalf of myself, I apologize for the lack of trees, trails and parks. Sorry about the mud and dust.

Andrew Maddex
Slave Lake

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